How to sell training videos one by one

Our ides is selling trainer's training videos. I know one way is to sell this kind of roles. But there are about 50 videos. We can't produse so many roles. But very important is possibility to sell videos one by one (like a ticket for one vodeo, customer can watch 24 hours).
Is it possible?.

Posted: Jan 30, 2013


Joel Wallis Jucá on January 30, 2013

Sure it's possible. You can work with permissions to access the videos, which you can set it to be temporary or permanent. Take a good look at commerce_file, which does it very well for file downloads.

Joel Wallis Jucá on January 31, 2013

Well, handling video access is a lil more complex. I could easily hack your Vimeo embedding code and share it in the web. I think the best way to do this is to handle the file access with a system like Commerce File, but I don't know anything ready-to-use. Maybe Ooyala have some product or service for that.

Take a look in the Videola distro. It does not use an advanced video access system but can be a great starting point to work, or also reproduce the features with a fresh Drupal 7 code (Videola is D6). There's also Octopus Video which can have a cooler code about it, you can take a look into.

I believe the perfect sollution isn't ready, but if you want to MVP it, Vimeo can be used. I think Vimeo have an option to do not allow reproducing the video in vimeo.com and do only in the provided domains. Even it have some known bugs you can start the project and work on this implementation. Nginx have a nice media streamming addon which allows you to do that, and this with a combination of a server side script can produce a nice media server with access checks (you can use the model of Commerce File).