Displaying Categories and their Children

Currently the /taxonomy/term/% page displays the category name and a list of products in that category.

What i'm trying to get it to do is to display the category name (which it does) and a list of the child categories for that category.

I've set up the category tree within taxonomy but havent had any success getting it to display.

My present approach would be to create view > block which produces a list of categories and then add them to the taxonomy/term block as an attached view in the header.

This works in principal but i havent managed to work out the contextual filter that allows me to read the category name from the url and then fetch the children of this category.

Any pointers on how to proceed? Id have expected that being able to display a list of categories and their children would be something easy to implement but i'm firing blanks atm.


Posted: Nov 6, 2012