How to transfer a invoice from Drupal Commerce to a counted software

I hope tu use Drupal Commerce in September in my next project.
My customer ask me to find a solution regarding the Accounting workflow.
Today it is obliged to recapture all the bill information in "Ciel comptabilité".
Is there a way to export the invoice from Drupal Commerce to a sells management software?
What type of format we need to use ?

Sorry for my bad english,

Posted: Jul 16, 2010


jbeech on October 11, 2010

I also wonder the same with respect to Drupal Commerce and accounting software like Peachtree, QuickBooks, etc.

Is it too soon to be wondering about these things, or have you guys already been thinking of this? E.g. has a mechanism for (hopefully) bidirectional communication between Drupal Commerce and these popular commercial accounting software packages is already contemplated?

Anyway, I hope it is an elegant solution, which is easy for non-programmers instead of an afterthought because every business uses accounting software and a solid link between the website and the accoutnign is very important in my view.

Ryan Ryan Szrama on October 11, 2010

Communicating with web services is a pretty generic thing that is possible to do at any time... the main thing Commerce has to do with that is ensuring a clean data model and easy-to-use API for updating information locally as the accounting package communicates changes.

Communicating with desktop applications as a whole different ballgame, though, and I've personally struggled through QuickBooks integration a couple of times. There won't be anything at the core of Commerce doing this, and ultimately whoever ends up writing this integration might best spend their time working through one of the many "bridge" applications that can connect an e-commerce system with many different accounting applications at once.

Will be sure to post more as stuff develops, but there's nothing around this early in the game.

tOf on December 6, 2010

I'm always looking for a solution to export data (orders, customer) from commerce.
I think the simple way is to create a csv file, then I will import into Ciel compta.
For the moment I can't do it from the commerce alpha3.
I find a module in ubercart Ubercart "CSV/Excel Export", but there's no drupal 7 compatibility.
Can you tell me how I can do this with commerce and drupal 7.