how to let user download a file after payment?

I would like to ask for some suggestions about the following website that I'm building.
The goal is to let user do the following things:
1) login
2) select multiple options (commerce_bpc??)
3) fill a table with data (age,...) (is there any good module to fill a table and download a pdf with that??)
4) upload some photo
5) payment
6) download the file selected with the options.

All the steps must be done in sequence :)

I'm using drupal commerce, commerce file, and I'll try also commerce_bpc.
Do you think that I can create it by using these modules?

Posted: Dec 16, 2012


joshmiller Josh Miller on December 16, 2012

Nowadays the Commerce Customizable Products module is the trick to make a "Configurable" product.

This is a quick introduction:


and this is a longer tutorial that shows you how to setup a configurable product:


As for working with Commerce File and purchasing access, I'd suggest you work a bit harder on your question, not sure what you're trying to accomplish.