Magazine/Journal Subscription

Has anyone done any work with a magazine or journal subscription? -- the product is the subscription itself and the deliverable being X number of issues?

I can see maybe bundling the x issues into a product but that would mean a whole mess of products out there many of which would be undefined at the point of purchase.

The pie in the sky would be somehow to tie the subscription into some sort of notification rule so lists can be sent to the printers etc....



Posted: Mar 30, 2012


rlgod on December 4, 2012

I am in need of the functionality to do exactly this. I was considering using rules to check the Subscription dates against the publication dates of the magazine pdf files but failed miserably when I tried to do it.

I need to be able to sell a subscription to 4 issues of a magazine and then serve the user those 4 files using commerce files as they are published without having to create a new subscription type or role for each starting issue.

Have you had any luck with this?


drupalability on December 4, 2012


i think you are complicating the process. simply create a rule that sends out a newsletter on a specfied date. Define a condition that keeps count of the number of newsletters sent out. Define a response to check for renewal and if renewed continue to send and if not renewed do not send.

rlgod on January 20, 2013

The customer has since changed their minds and would like the subscriber to have access to all back issues of the magazine. This issue with this is that if we send them an email with every back issue it would end up being a huge email. We've played around with having a views node which lists all the pdf product displays, but are having issues with allowing file download to a role without a file license to the respective file.

I'll definitely post back if we find a solution.

drupalability on December 4, 2012


I'd like to help you.. but I am confused. Why can't you define a price for number issues? Where is the problem?