"Add to cart" form multistep


After working for a couple of years with Ubercart, last week I decided it was time to check out Commerce. I'm already very happy with it!

But.. I've got one problem. I'm creating a shop where users can customize their own product. Let's get the t-shirt concept. I've created 5 fields (color, size, picture, picture effect and picture size). Al these steps are working perfect and the price is getting updated every time I change one of the fields. Now I want to create a multipage form. So I want to get every field on a different 'page' as a step.

I've already tried to create my own node--product_display.tpl.php but I can only print the results of all the fields instead of the different options.

Another thing I've tried is creating a horizontal tabgroup in the product, but my product display is not showing this at all.

So my question: How can I show the 'add to cart' form in steps?

Hope you can help!

Posted: May 30, 2012