Registration for an event using commerce

Hello All,
I am having issues with a new site. It is a site for a yearly camp out. They have requested the ability this year to allow people to register online this year.

I have installed commerce webform and created a form with name, address, etc. The products I created are packages actually. One for day only package, or full weekend package. Then their is a tee shirt. I also want to have a donation product which they can enter their own amount to donate.

Anyhow I think I can get the form working like I want. When I added the form to my cart it went to the results of my webforms. I am not sure how to have the form submitted to my cart. Can anyone help me with this?


Posted: Oct 7, 2012


jmr3460 on October 7, 2012

I think instead of making the webform I would like to make the webform part of the checkout process. Maybe just before we go to Paypal put the webform in as [art of the process. I will look into this. Thanks for any thoughts on this idea.

jmr3460 on October 7, 2012

I have created a new role with only the permissions I am willing to allow. Now I need to set the checkout process to create customer role when anonymous users check is completed.