Few Questions


I will develop a e-commerce website (maybe with Drupal Commerce). Before the dev, I have few questions:

I will create a sub-module for Drupal Commerce. Where is the API documentation to use Drupal Commerce? (just in the code?)
I'm new in Drupal world, it's my first experience. If I need support to develop my module, Do you have a referent person to help people?
My English is not really good, Do you have french team developers?
Maybe my sub-module is already developed, where I can find sub-modules?


Posted: Jun 15, 2010


Ryan Ryan Szrama on June 15, 2010

Hello Timouns, and welcome aboard. Drupal Commerce is still in its infancy, and Drupal 7 itself isn't production ready yet. However, if you have a flexible timeline (i.e. months instead of weeks), it could work out just fine for you.

As for API documentation, the code itself is documented and has been developed according to specifications proposed here in the forums. I'm actually setting out to solidify this stuff now so they match what's been done. Until then, there isn't much in the way of organized documentation.

If your project ends up over your head, you can always feel free to contact Commerce Guys France, http://www.commerceguys.com/fr/.