Design of Drupal Commerce

The new design looks great but I have a few thoughts(FWIW)

- The #zone-title padding seems too large. On a small screen it pushes discussion off the page. padding:13px 0; seems to keep a nice look, but doesn't create too much spacing.

- I'm not old, but the discussion font needs more weight.

-Unable to attach a picture

Other than that. Great Job.

Posted: May 31, 2012


Ryan Ryan Szrama on May 31, 2012

Thanks for the feedback. I'll pass it on to Aaron to see what we can do. I'm not sure where you mean you're unable to attach a picture, though - your user account or your discussion thread?

timodwhit on June 12, 2012

Hey Ryan,

I was trying to attach the picture to the forum-post, but i was unable to post the picture that showed I was unable to post the picture.

aireworth on June 3, 2012

Not nearly bold enough. The discussion font looks very very spindly here - very uncomfortable to read. And the blue of the highlighted items almost disappears into the background. The font size is huge - full high characters are about 1/4 inch high on my screen. But still I struggle to read it easily.
Browser is Chrome on Windows XP on a Samsung Syncmaster 2232BW.

analog andy on June 3, 2012

The main header on the front page is nice but the rest of the information is hard to get to. I don't think that scrolling view is necessary and doesn't really explain anything. I'd get rid of it and move up the Start Here, Documentation, Video Library and Community boxes.

Are those gigantic headings needed? They take up too much space where real information could be shown. Too much scrolling involved.

When you enter the content area pages like the forum, the text is super hard to read because of the font/link colour vs background colour.

Also the login/register links don't line up with the search box and same goes with the links in the black navigation bar. They don't line up vertically with the logo.

I like the colour scheme but just needs polishing. Also I think the design change from the front page to the secondary pages is a bit weird. You go from a large front header to a vary minimal serach/navigation header. Just seems weird as the page titles are much larger than the navigation header.