What is the most popular credit card method in UK?

I would like to accept credit card payments in my drupal site.This site will be primary for UK citizens.So I am asking what is the most popular credit card payment in UK (for example Worldpay).Any suggestion? Thanks

Posted: Apr 30, 2012


remus1 on April 30, 2012

Hi Pinkonomy

I would vote for SagePay this used to be Protx until a few years ago when it was taken over by Sage. I used both for a number of years without any problems.
You will find that a module has been built for SagePay http://drupal.org/project/commerce_sagepay_form.

If you don't have a bank Internet account sagepay can also do that side for you at an extra cost.

The only problem you will find with using Drupal Commerce in the UK is the Vat Problem. I have posted about it many times but so far it has not been fully sorted. With the mod on this page you can get it to display Ok but so far the email still shows it wrong. More details here http://drupal.org/node/1352916

Hope this helps you


veganline on October 24, 2012

http://www.nochex.com/ is a service eclipsed by the older and similar paypal in the 1990s. They kept minimum payments for people like ebay sellers, who got little turnover, and then charged servicing fees to the big proportion of their customers who had not earned the minimum payment. Nochex is still going and not all bad - slightly cheaper than Paypal, with a Drupal module.

https://gocardless.com/ have noticed how easy it is to use cheque details to remove money from bank accounts without a signature & made it legitimate for a 1% fee to set-up a direct debit.

Give them your bank account details as a customer, and they will set-up a direct debit to remove money from your account and pay it to a paticipating retailer, without telling the retailer what your details are. So it's more expensive to the retailer than debit cards but cheaper than credit cards. No Drupal module yet, but they have a job ad for a "front end developer" so that might be coming soon. GoCardless is new in 2011 oe 2012 I guess. I have tested them and they did not steal my money before returning £99 or my £100.

There are several web payment gateways but I don't know them.

veganline on October 24, 2012

Amazon payments are well known in the UK except for the "payments". They have just started, I think, at the same price as paypal. I don't know if they have a Drupal module yet but it seems likely to happen.

Skrill aka Moneybookers may be based in the UK but are still unknown and charge more than Paypal, so why use them?

If your customer already pays £15 a month for a countertop card terminal, a service called Mals-e Commerce will collect data from customrs on a remote-hosted shopping cart and deliver it to the shopkeeper's desktop without charge. No Drupal module. UK card processing prices for countertop transactions have fallen between 1.1-2% I guess and haggling helps. Your customer is saved paying £15 a month to a service like Sage for an online payment gateway.