Product Display in Views

How do you display a Product Display in views. I have am developing a t-shirt store I have created 6 back end products each of the same t-shirt but but with a different size / colour e.g. t-shirt-red-small, t-shirt-red-medium, t-shirt-blue-small ... you get the idea. Now I have placed all of these in a single product display so when the user clicks on the product they can simple change there colour/size in the drop down menus provided. When it comes to displaying this product display in a view I use "referenced product" as a relationship but it displays every variation of that single t-shirt and when logged out you cannot view the product at all. So how do I get the view to display the actual product display instead.

Thanks in advanced.

Posted: Mar 4, 2012


sher1 on March 6, 2012

I have products created that are sharing a display and the view that shows the products does not display anything to anonymous users. All of my products are in there with the variations but that is actually what I wanted. Ideas of why it won't display for anonymous? My view has
Access:Permission | View published content
and filters of
Content: Published (Yes)
Content: Type (= Packet Display)

sher1 on March 6, 2012

Have you tried using the settings under
and trying the grouping option?

Harntrox on March 6, 2012

Not actually sure what my original problem was, I recreated the product displays and rebuilt the view and everything seems to be where it should now.