How do I setup multilingual products

Hi, when I go to add a product I don't see the translate tab so that I can add my product in the other language I have setup for my site.

Is there something I need to do in order for products to become multilingual?

Posted: Sep 19, 2011


spamator12 on March 4, 2012

1. Add additional languages (/admin/config/regional/language/add). I added German and French, with English being the preset default.

2. Set "Commerce Product" as translatable at (/admin/config/regional/entity_translation)

3. Edit the product type (/admin/commerce/products/types/product/edit) and set "Multilingual support" to "Enabled via Entity translation".

And... the only thing I want to translate is PRODUCT TILE. Can somebody point me in the right direction ?

Francois P on May 14, 2013

Ok, this work it gives you access to a title text field. But when in the cart and you switch from one language to another, the translation do not follow. Investigating...

andrea.brogi on May 15, 2013

To develope Product Variation I have created some Products Types with "Term Reference" Field connected to a "Localized" taxonomy vocabulary.
The terms are correctly translated into entity and also when are showed as referenced term, but are not translated inside "Selection Form" of attribute cart.

wocmultimedia on August 10, 2013


I read your article because I just installed the kickstart2 multilingual distribution. I added 2 languages (Italian, German) using

Home >Administration >Site settings >Advanced settings >Configuration >Regional and language> Languages

Then I went to
Home >Administration >Site settings >Advanced settings >Configuration >Regional and language> Translate interface > Import
and I chose the file it.po and de.po I downloaded from drupal translation repository.

I repeated the chose file for each selection: Built-in Interface and Fields but I didn't imported it for Drupal Commerce because I didn't know if in the Drupal core translation is also included Drupal Commerce group.

My questions are two:

1- Do I use the same it.po to translate Drupal Commerce group too?
2- Where is the entity_translation?

(in Home >Administration >Site settings >Advanced settings >Configuration >Regional and language> there are only these options
Regional Settings
Date an time
Translate interface
Multilingual settings)

Thank you for helping.


wocmultimedia on August 10, 2013

Never mind!
I'm very new to this work. I learned a bit of Drupal some month ago and I'd like to create a multilingual site without the bloating complication I met using wordpress.

I imagine that some strings of Drupal Commerce are already translated in Italian and German or other languages but I don't know where to find these too, besides the problem of translating the titles.
I can translate the content page of course but I don't like to translate all strings one by one.

Can you indicate me where I can find the already translated strings of Drupal Commerce?

Thank you very much for helping.