Customizable/Configurable Products

I'm working on a store that will sell storage sheds. We have a variety of trim colors, siding colors, and more that we want to display on the website. Additionally, we want to show off some 'options' like a built-in loft, integrated workbench, ramp, and more.

Initially I thought I'd create separate products for each configuration -options, colors, etc. Problem is, this is easily running into 10,000+ items per shed model. Definitely not what I had in mind.

Is there a module or something out there, for configurable products?

I've considered making the colors/etc as custom line items/attributes, since they don't actually effect price. I'd like to make the 'options' - ramps, cupolas, etc - completely separate products with separate product display nodes. However, I need some way to tie the two together.

Anyone have any ideas? Any systems out there already? Maybe I'd be better off with some other platform...Magento?


Posted: Mar 2, 2012


cdstamper on March 2, 2012

Ok, I thought of a better way to describe this.

I need a Product Bundle. It will contain the base shed product, and any additional components - cupolas, a loft option, etc.

The colors can be custom line items, that are added to the base shed. Not a separate product, just an attribute.

Is there a way to do this?