GoogleMap | Show products as markers ?

maybe a strange question and task, but i am looking for a solution to show products (or buyable nodes?) on a custom image map. My first thought was to incorporate the googlemap API. As far as I understand the features, it is possible to create a custom map image or use overlay images... anyway... is it possible to show and link commerce items on such a map? Actually the products don´t have a real geo-location, they would get virtual coordinates, so they are alligned properly on the custom background image.

Some technical specs:

- up to 10.000 items
- unique items. 1 in stock, if purchased its is no longer available.

Is this idea to weired? Are there any alternatives? Maybe another approach to buy items with drupal and a "map" ?

Any ideas and thoughts are much appreciated (also none-Drupal solutions) Thanks in advance!

Posted: Mar 1, 2012


pepperstreet on March 1, 2012

Nope :-) I am not selling countries or islands.
As i tried to explain in my first post... the "map" is just a graphical representation of all items. The background is also no real "map", just a graphic. Sorry, i can´t spread the original concept and details here. At the moment it is just a customers inquiry. Basicly, it is going to be 10.000 items sale. These items have a unique number and there are about 6 colors. Let's say... and pretend i would sell 10.000 teddy-hearts. Those hearts are presented on a big heart-shaped background... a customer can browse the shop as usual and he might view this alternative graphic... clicks on a heart and reserves/buys it. The heart will disappear on the map, or at least changes its status or color or what ever.

Did you get the idea?

pepperstreet on March 1, 2012

yes, exactly. More or less its a donation campaign. I was also thinking about a clone of "1-million-pixel-site". But there you will see the purchased items or spots like permanent mini-ads. Actually this is not the initial idea. The items should disappear, until the amount of 10.000 is sold-out.

itp on March 1, 2012

You can sell bricks like any other item, then write some custom PHP to pull names out of sales file and arrange them on front page.