How not to show Add to Cart button to Products already bought???

I am selling files, and I am setting up Commerce File to make it ... it seems working.
When the User goes back to the Product Display of a Product he already bought (with granted license), than the file download link correctly shows up (nice!).
But still there is the Add to Chart button shown in the display for the file product (and this is not correct, as it might make the user buy or add to chart something he has grants to free download ...).

So, how to automatically hide (unactivate) the Add to Cart button for already bought products?

I don't know if this issue has yet been discussed (sorry in this case) ... and solved.
Any help if it is not or how to find the solution?

Thanks so much

Posted: Dec 5, 2011


itamair on December 6, 2011

Thank you neardark for your advice, that I am going to follow ...
Just one doubt: is this a concern about Commerce File module or Drupal Commerce itself?

neardark on December 6, 2011

That's a good question. I'mg guessing it would be a File module feature, but perhaps a module that tracks previously purchased products by users would be useful for not just file products but other products as well. I'd start in the Files issue queue and see where that gets you though.