Views of Product displays, not Products

Hoping someone can help me with filtering in Views. I'm building an online store for footwear and I think I understand the product setup versus product display methods. As an example, for each shoe style I have several sizes. Let's say, blackshoe_sz1, blackshoe_sz2, etc. and I display them with 1 product display for "blackshoe" and the user can choose their desired size from a dropdown. This all seems to work just fine.

My issue is that for commonly used Views like Recently Added, Bestsellers and Related Products (ready made in Shoppica theme), the user sees multiple product displays that are all the same. Presumably this is because each size is being displayed but to the user it just looks like the same product repeated several times. Is there any way to filter the Views so that the user only sees each product display once (among other product displays), and not all products that are used in those displays?

Thanks in advance.

Posted: Dec 13, 2011


jalexa43 on December 14, 2011

I've figured out a work-around (solution?) to this. Create a Boolean field in each product type to indicate whether you wish each product to be displayed in any Views that are created. So if for example there are 10 different sizes of a shoe, check one of them for display and leave the other sizes unchecked. When creating a View, simply add this field as a filter to show only those products that have been checked (i.e. value of 1). Not sure if there is a simpler way to do this but it seems to work.