One Product Display with multiple Products automatically selected and a discount applied

How do I do this on this Product Display?

Currently the pull-down menu about "Add to cart" shows all the correct Products and prices.
What I want is for all 3 days of the event and the related items to be assigned with a price of $250 total and one t-shirt to be selected for size as part of that.

There would be the full package at $250 and then the individual items that would total more than that.
I think that would be easy with a discount through Rules.

The selection of the multiple items is what is confusing me.
Maybe I should create more fields in the Products and Product display.

I accomplished something with various options on this page.
But, it only results in the selection of one product when it is done.

What I am trying to do is select multiple Products to be added to the cart through this one Product Display.

Thanks in advance!

Posted: Nov 15, 2011


Jeff Purtle on November 20, 2011

Any ideas?

I am kind of stuck.
I can create one product per product display.
I want to create a product display that shows a collections of individual products as a package with one add to cart button.

Jeff Purtle on November 20, 2011


Thanks in advance. That might work perfect. I will post about it when I have it working.