Product reference field - product types that can be referenced ignored when adding product display content?

I suspect I'm misunderstanding something here.

When I add the product reference field to my product display content types I've selected only the correct product types under "Product types that can be referenced".

However - when I add product display nodes - all products of all product types are listed.

This is somewhat confusing for the shop staff - shouldn't this filter out to only products of the correct type?

Posted: Oct 18, 2011


scott.carlton on October 20, 2011

My understanding is that the product reference field displays all products that are listed as Active. Whether you have a product of one type or several types.
Products of Type 1 will display as well as Products of Type 2.
I perfer the "Select list" in the Product Reference - manage display better than the "Auto-completion". Hope this helps.

maxilein on October 28, 2011

I also figured I am doing something wrong. I spent about a day looking for a way to programmatically set a default options value...

It would be great if the widget could reduce the choice of products upon product display creation. optionally.