i18n and other goals

Hi all,

Just curious, after checking the development goals of Commerce.

Will it be all multilangual?
Will it support mechanisms for multiple currencies
Will it support many different kinds of products (goods, e-stuff and labor)
Will it support a host of unit kinds. Sold per piece, dozen, meter, kg, hour, etc. etc

All and all, how flexible will it be?

Posted: Apr 20, 2010


heyyo (not verified) on May 11, 2010

An answer to this question is really important also to me, it will help me to decide which ecommerce solution with Drupal, I'll choose for future projects.

The utilization of ubercart with multilanguage website was really tricky, and really more when SEO optimization should be taken into consideration(pathauto, taxonomy, meta, title page, breadcrumb...)

totsubo on October 8, 2011

Same here, I have a multilingual e-commerce site built with D6/Ubercart and I'm itching to move to D7/DrupalCommerce but not too convinced that DrupalCommerce supports i18n.

Can anyone in the know chirp in as to how easy it is to build a multilingual site?