Details Section of Product Display

I am trying create a Details section in my product display that will show the details of the product as in this showcase website here: http://www.vintagechild.co.uk/vintage-collection/dresses/powder-blue-mid...
I have tried to use views/blocks but have been able to create it. Can someone help with this. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Posted: Sep 28, 2011


Prince Manfred on September 28, 2011

One possible way to go about showing details would be to type them in the body of your product display (if your product display has that field.)

You could also look in to adding fields to your actual products for different details. It depends on how your putting your site together I suppose. I personally try and keep essential product information in product fields so I can access it easily regardless of where I decide to display it. Someone correct me if there is a better approach here.

Hope that helps.

scott.carlton on September 28, 2011

First off thanks for your quick replay. I should have added this to the post.

Putting the details in the body would work because as you stated, I want to be able to call these fields.

I too, tried to keep all my fields in the actual products so that they can be called upon, which these fields are now in my product as such:


But now I want to place these fields into a nice organized display on the product display as "Details" such in the attached image.

Second, can I make these fields in the product either inches or centimeters with selector as in Ubercart?

Thanks again for your help!

Prince Manfred on September 28, 2011

Now that the fields are in your product you can go to content types and click manage display for your product display. That will let you organize the order that the fields, including those from the products, are displayed. After that you'll need to adjust some css in your theme to make it actually look nice. http://drupal.org/documentation/theme

I don't know how in depth your requirements are for the measurement field and I've not used Ubercart. You could have a look at this module here: http://drupal.org/project/physical
That popped up in a quick google search.

scott.carlton on September 29, 2011

Prince Manfred Thanks for your help on this. I got the second problem solved just by adding a field and using the suffix section to the field. Still Trying to figure the other out., because I want the fields that are viewable to the customer to be in a organize section on the display page called details. Such as below.

Product Details
Plastic Bottle
Box of 48

I can get all this on the display page, but I can't get it in a nice organized little section called Product Details. Anyway I will keep looking. This it the least of my problems now. The checkout and cart won't work with SSL so have to see how to fix that.

scott.carlton on October 5, 2011

Ya I had secure pages but didn't help. Sessions cookies keep getting lose or reset when back to http. So for now just stay on https and starting a fresh install.

Brian on October 8, 2011

I have a related question so I think I won't open a new box for it but ask here.
In my product display I have pretty much only basic stuff. The product (add-to-cart-button), price and the actual body. The first two I have floated right with 20% with css. That's fine and the text flows nicely around it and uses full width beneath them.
Now what gives me a headache is that if I add an image to the text, it will not behave the same. No matter whether image or div container, the price field won't let them bump up to the top whereas the text does. What's wrong with that price field? I can't figure out what causes this behaviour.
See attached images: If I "display:none" the price field, the image is positioned well.

scott.carlton on October 10, 2011

I would try managing the display. Move the order of the fields and see if that helps. Other wise you could try setting your main div to position relative and use the CSS to position the image absolute. Maybe that might help. Just throwing something out there. Looks like when your price is add your image gets move down your price might be positioned about your image field. Hope this might help.