How to see/expose the product title in the product display ???

I am loving Drupal Commerce possibilities, and going deeper in its functionalities.
It is great ...

But can't get how to do display the product title in the product display (node).

I have a node, let's say a Product display ...
I can list one or many products (entities) attached (referred) to it and then show them, using the possibilities to expose all its fields (defined in the product type structure), besides the add to chart button/filed. Nice!
But what I can't do (seems ...) is to expose also the product title field. It is available in the product type view definition, but doesn't come out when shown in the product display/node.
It happens just when I choose to reffer more than one product to the display: the title of every product is the option name of the select I choose the proper product with. But I can't expose it to the product display when there is just 1 product related to it.
I also tried to add an extra (coded) field (just with the product title token) with Display Suite, and it was, but , also in this case, it is not exposed in the product display/node ...

Where am I wrong? Or just something not implemented yet?

Please, any help?

Posted: Sep 24, 2011


rfay Randy Fay on September 24, 2011

Some ideas:

* You can use [views](http://drupal.org/project/views) to take control of all parts of the data.
* You can use [Auto Nodetitle](http://drupal.org/project/auto_nodetitle) to automatically give your node the title of the first product
* You can use [Commerce Product Display Manager](http://drupal.org/project/commerce_product_display_manager) to automatically create the node at the time you're creating the product.

But I may not have understood what you were trying to say in the first place...

itamair on September 24, 2011

Ok ... in some way I managed it with views, but wasn't that easy.
Anyway I try to better explain, as would be nice not to have to make all this workarounds with views, and seems might be (?) a very little (and very useful) improvement of dc functionalities (if not yet implemented ).

When I attach/reference a product to its display through the product refence field definition, then in the product display I can show the add to chart button and other fields defined in the product type (i.e. like price, image, description, and what ever ...), if i checked the "Render fields from the referenced products when viewing this entity". Is it right?
Well ... this seems to allow me to show all the fields defined in product type, but the "title" given to the product (I mean product type, note product display ...).

For instance: I want to create a node, that speaks about anything, and that has a title that is not strictly regarded to the title of the related product I would reference (why not ...?). Showing a product in its display I would need also to expose this product title ...
If I have more than a product related that I want to display (lets say variations of one product, it means more than one product ...), the title of each product is exposed in the text of the "select" options.
But no way to expose the same title field in case of just one product (for which no select is shown, because not needed as the product is just one) ...

I attach to commented screenshots of the described use cases ...

Did you get?

itamair on September 25, 2011

Attach also the screenshot of the fields exposed in in the (digital) product type view management.
The title field exist, but not shown in the display node, referencing to the product ...

I hope (and I am confident) I better explained this matter.
Keep hope for some help ... :-)