Drupal Product Issue - Help Please

Hello One and All,

I am an experienced web developer in ASP and PHP and have just landed in Drupal land and would appreciate your sage words of wisdom.

I have been handed a drupal 6.6 website to manage and have already spent two days trawling the documentation without success, so thought I would post this in the hope someone could turn me round and point me in the right direction.

When the client goes to add a new product, there is a product category of 5 items and a subcategory of items (approximately 15), though the sub category dropdown displays content that combines 3 of the category names in the following format:

CategoryName -> SubCategoryName

In the database there are two distinct tables called Products-Cat and Suppliments-Cat (This is an animal health care site).

I have honestly clicked on every link in the admin and cannot find a way to edit the category or sub category lists.

All I can say is that there is no ecommerce module installed, so I have to assume the View/ Add Products are part of a standard install of Drupal. There is nothing set up in Taxonomy, Content Types, etc etc.

Anyone offer me some help ?

Posted: Jul 7, 2011


webengr on July 28, 2011

dude, you really posted in the wrong forum (wrong software) and in the wrong container
(you posted in the container for site maintenance of the website, not maintenance of your website)

If you must get something up fast and are not familiar with drupal/commerce, likely you should start with ubercart2 for out of the package. Later you may can migrate to drupal commerce once you are more familiar with drupal and drupal commerce is not beta.
Note I think drupal commerce will be a better solution going forward but for now you may be better considering www.ubercart.com

that is my suggestion.