Price Format on Import

Hi Folks,

Thanks for your work on this great project!

I have just set up D7 with commerce and been importing a couple of thousand products and nodes via feeds and commerce feeds. All good so far.

The price in my data is in decimal format. That is

6 = $6.00
1.5 = $1.50
11.45 = $11.45

These appear in rounded cents - variously as:


I would prefer not to do any text processing on the data as I want to keep the flow from the clients offline stock management system to the drupal site as simple as possible.

Am I missing something really simple or do I have to work in cents to get the correct display?



Posted: Jul 9, 2011


Kames cox-geraghty on February 4, 2015

I think this problem should be more well documented and explained. I wasn't able to find anything about adjusting the prices for import from a CSV.

The video is also long, so it's difficult to pin-point the right information even if it did exist in the video.