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Hey everyone.

I'm very new to drupal commerce and am having problems with it.

I have followed the userguide on this and have been able to create and display a product list and product types and so on, but when i log on as an authenticated user, i can add items to my cart but there is no checkout button anywhere, and when i look under

store --> orders

it says that no order has been placed.

Apologies in advance, i am very new to drupal and eccomerce.


Posted: Jun 17, 2011


neardark on June 17, 2011

Hi Mark -

Just to confirm, are you not seeing the Checkout button on the shopping cart page, at http://[yourdrupalinstall]/cart


neardark on June 17, 2011

A couple of things to check:

  • Could it be hidden by your theme or some kind of CSS? You might inspect your HTML to see if the input buttons appear in the code. You might try setting your theme to a popular theme temporarily such as Bartik or Garland to see if they show.
  • Did the buttons accidentally get removed in the Shopping Cart Form View or did it get removed? See Admin > Structure > Views > Shopping Cart Form. In that view, look for two items in the "Footer" section of the view titled Commerce Line Item: Line item summary (Cart summary) and Commerce Line Item: Line item actions (Cart actions)
  • Make sure you're using all the latest versions of the Drupal Commerce Dependencies. See this thread for more: http://drupal.org/node/1186960

That's all I can think to check at the moment...wish I could be of more help...


frankenstein246 on June 17, 2011

I have changed my theme back to the bartik theme and there is no change.

After viewing the "Footer" section in the shopping cart form, there is one item missing -

The item is Commerce Line Item: Line item actions (Cart actions)

However Commerce Line Item: Line item summary (Cart summary) is present.

Many thanks.

neardark on June 17, 2011

Hi, sorry in Beta 4 it look like there should just be the one item (Commerce Line Item: Line item summary (Cart Summary)). So you're good there.

But do update your Views and Ctools to the latest versions and hopefully checkout buttons should return.