Seat booking

Will the combination of d7 and building commerce infrastructure from the ground up mean that it will be easier to create booking systems eg theatre seats and caravan sites with finite seats/plots? http://drupal.org/project/uc_hotel seems to go partway but presumably is hampered by limitations of the underlying infrastructure.

Posted: Aug 8, 2010


larowlan on September 2, 2010

I'm the maintainer of uc_hotel and have started on D7 migration and are now evaluating commerce as replacement for ubercart.
That said, there are no limitations to doing finite seats/plots with ubercart (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ArP9dNY5eQ for a demo of how I used Ubercart to sell allocated seating on transport - I'm also working on making this work with theatres as we speak)

WilliamV on April 18, 2011

In search of a good theatre-seats-ticketing-system (equals booking system) where we can:
- crm
- visualise the concert hall and link tickets to seats
- users can buy tickets. Once bought, they automatically become unavailable for other users
- voucher printing
- payment follow up

Are you working in this direction? Wil it be possible with commerce?
Can we help?

rebecca.ellis on July 31, 2012

Has anything come of this? I'm researching solutions to sell tickets to specific seats. I'm already using D7 & Commerce and Commerce Stock. But client wants capability of guests purchasing exact seats for concerts and shows. Thanks