Views on a 3 level catalog with multi-colors

I need to build a site like this one: http://www.maquillage-cosmetique-discount.fr/ and offcours with D7 and Commerce.

But while building i face some problems.

What did i do already:

  • i created product-types for all productgroups (Teint, Yeux, Lèvres, etc.)
  • created products in those groups, for every color a product, with a Product reference
  • made content-types and "linked" the different colors, so there is a choice for the colors and the big picture on the product-page changes with the color.

so far so good...

On the page "Lèvres" (Lips) there is a picture that represents the productgroup (Lèvres ) and a view (i think it must be one ?) with pictures that are not the same ones as the product-mages, representing the individual products.

It's a organisation-question, "where to put all the images for this page (on product-type or content-type level ) and how do i get them all together on a page like this ? ".

  • Do i need to make a view that uses pictures from the product-types ?
  • use taxonomy to put the pictures in the view ?
  • and how about the menu ?

It would be great if u can help me out of this, because i realy can't find the solution.

btw Is there an easy way to replace the actual text for the colors in pictures ? ". like in levres -> rouge-a-levres.

Posted: Apr 7, 2011


arbel on April 8, 2011


If you have a product which is an individual color, and a display product, which is a group of colors together for a specific product.

then I would put the general image on the display product, and display it in a view of display products.

and then when viewing a single display product I would hide that image, and use the image from the referenced product. this would change each time you change the attribute selection.
the only complex custom thing you would need to do is replace the DC attribute selection, with one based on images, not sure how to do that.

Another option that might work would be to use a views slideshow on a product display, it would move between the different products. you can use an attribute to limit the products and use an image as the paging element.

I've done something similar here: http://www.koziol.co.il

Hope this helps.


latulipeblanche on April 8, 2011

Tnx Idan,

i like a lot your webSite.

I'm close to the solution. It's all about Taxonomy, even the menu.
When i've finished the site i'll writeDown the way i did it, because for the moment there are still some bugs.


Scott J on April 8, 2011

You ask "where to put all the images for this page and how do i get them all together on a page like this?" What you are talking about to display your product groups is called a taxonomy term page.

I think that you have the wrong idea of "product type". Your product type should be "cosmetics". Different product types would be for 'clothing' or 'computers' or 'books' or something with completely different attributes. If you only sell one type of product, then you only need 1 "product type".

Teint, Yeux, Lèvres, etc. should be in taxonomy. Go to admin/structure/taxonomy and add a vocabulary called 'catalogue' or 'products groups' or 'department' or something like that. In "Manage fields" you can add a new image field.

Now you can add terms to that vocabulary for Teint, Yeux, Lèvres, etc and the product group picture goes in the image field.

latulipeblanche on April 10, 2011

The product group picture worked well indeed.

I'm going to recreate the structure of the taxonomy. My idea of the product types was indeed different from yours. For me the products like Teint, Yeux, Lèvres, etc are "types".

If you're right, and there is no reason for me to doubt about that :-) , it must even be easier to manage the site.

Tnx a lot.

latulipeblanche on April 19, 2011

It realy working great. Tnx again.

A question.

I put all products in the one product-type i have: cosmetics.
I made a product display and when i put products on the product display, I link them with taxonomy-term to a type of cosmetics.

Now I'm thinking if it's not better to make this link already on product level. So when I put a lipstick on stock I'll link it already to Lips .

What is the best. To do the most on ProductType level or on ProductDisplay level ?