Virtual Drupal Commerce sprint!

So I sent out a tweet earlier about kicking off a virtual Drupal Commerce 7.x virtual sprint.

Let's do it! I was considering focusing on either Core, Shipping, or Discounts. However I think it'd be great to fix up Core's issue queue, and so would Ryan.

I'd like to see how much interest there is by kicking off the discussion here. There's some tools I've made that could help aid in the remote sprint

Commerce Deploy: a Commerce profile for site builders and developers. This way we can sprint on Core and also test against contributed modules without a hassled setup. (I'll need to do some work so there is a makefile that preserves all contrib working copies.)

Drupal PuPHPet: This is my "Drupal contributor in a box" Vagrant setup, using PuPHPet builder. Clone, run a build script in scripts and then do vagrant up to be ready to go.

Matt Glaman
Posted: Sep 23, 2014


Ryan Ryan Szrama on September 23, 2014

Great proposal, Matt. When are you thinking to dig in? We have regular office hours scheduled on Wednesdays in #drupal-commerce. We could plan / kick off in there. We'll also be working on Commerce the whole time we're at DrupalCon Amsterdam. I'd love to just nail a lot of the old bug reports that have piled up (or mark some as duplicate as the case may be ; ).

mglaman Matt Glaman on September 23, 2014

Ah I wish I would have mentioned this sooner to try and clean up queue before DrupalCon Amsterdam (did that with Panopoly.) I think it'd be good to bring this up tomorrow in office hours.

What if we did a virtual September 29th one with the goal mentality of "Hey, can't make it to DC Amsterdam? Help out by triaging the queue before the Con begins!" That or plan one a week after Con or so as a "we now have a targeted list!"

I think either could go well, but I'm sure a triaged queue would be more beneficial.

Ryan Ryan Szrama on September 23, 2014

Yeah, I see it as a solid Spring cleaning so we can really pave the way for productive 2.x work. There are a lot of "support requests" (i.e. potential bugs that I didn't close outright) that are simply pending on additional information that never came. That said, it's hard to get people excited to contribute to triage, so I can take care of that and then maybe guide people through actual bug fixing / patch re-rolling if anyone wants to learn. : )

mglaman Matt Glaman on September 24, 2014

Any kind of skillset will be super useful! I'm trying to figure out how this should go. I'm thinking maybe a triage sprint this Sunday to help get Commerce ready for DrupalCon sprints, then a more involved sprint post-Con.

This means just providing support, updating issue status, testing patches, etc.