No option is available for "License type" on a clean "Commerce License Billing" setup

At step 2 of Getting Started section of https://www.drupal.org/project/commerce_license_billing I can't find any option for "License type" available. It comes only if I enable "Commerce License Example" option. Is there any way to create license type within UI or do we have code a new "production" type module instead of "example" one? Thanks!

Posted: Aug 27, 2014


joshmiller Josh Miller on August 27, 2014


So very glad to see people are really starting to embrace the Commerce License modules :)

On it's own, it only provides the ability to license products, but you have to install other modules (or define your own) for the functionality to start being used.

There are a number to choose from:

  • Commerce License Roles - This comes with Commerce License and allows you to license roles to user accounts and it works like you would expect. When used in conjunction with Commerce License Billing, it even removes a role once the billing period ends and is not renewed.
  • Commerce License Node - This lets you license the ability to create nodes.
  • Commerce File - This allows you to license anything you can connect using a filefield.
  • Commerce License Billing - This allows you to take anything mentioned above (User Roles, Node creation, File Downloads, or roll your own) and put it on a billing cycle that integrates with Commerce Card on File. That means you could prepay/postpay and prorate a weekly fee to access certain parts of your website.

So, the idea is, either you have to control access via User Roles or make it use Commerce File or Commerce License Node. If your use case doesn't fit with one of the available methods, either you need to roll your own using the example module or convince someone to build you a module that licenses in the way you need.

Hopefully that helps!