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Drupal Commerce 2.x Roadmap Posted

Drupal Commerce 1.x has had a full release for a year and a half. We rolled the initial full release at DrupalCon London, and since then we've put out a few of minor releases to fix bugs, add minor features, and touch up its APIs.

Since that time we've also fielded requests for a 2.x branch with increasing regularity but have postponed the matter until Drupal 8 itself settled down some. Drupal Commerce 1.x was developed when Drupal 7 was still in its unstable release phase on top of incomplete Views, Entity API, and Rules modules. While some contributors were eager to dive into a fresh branch of Drupal Commerce that allowed major API changes and rewrites, we weren't exactly eager to reproduce the effort of developing a major contributed Drupal module on such an unstable foundation.

However, in order to be ready to take full advantage of the new features and modules in Drupal 8, we met last year to draw up a roadmap for Drupal Commerce 2.x. The roadmap provides:

  1. An overview of our primary goals - re-architect around the new Drupal 8 systems where appropriate and mitigate the challenges users and developers have faced with Drupal Commerce 1.x,
  2. A list and description of our major development emphases and how they will affect various systems in core Drupal Commerce,
  3. And a task list of specific changes we're either contributing to in Drupal 8 or expecting to make to Drupal Commerce itself.

I'll be presenting the roadmap at DrupalCon Portland and am looking forward to getting busy with the code. As development progresses, we'll keep the roadmap up to date.

Check out the roadmap to see where you can get involved today.

Ryan Szrama
Posted: May 19, 2013