Product Views block is not visible

Hello all,

I've created a view to display a list of products in a block. It's using two relationships and two contextual filters and it displays fine when I enter the necessary URL parameters in the preview bar.

I've enabled the block to display on all pages (for testing purposes) but I can't get it to appear anywhere - even for the user 1 account. Is there some trick to block views that I'm missing?

Thanks in advance!

Posted: Sep 16, 2013

Change Shipping_message in front page

I want to know how I can cange the shipping message in the front page. It says: FREE SHIPPING on order over 0.99. It's a block but I don't know how I can change the message.

I supose that the other block,(promotional banner) "SAVE 25% Purchases made between June 5 - 12 will be discounted " it will be the same process to change the text.

thanks for all.

Posted: Sep 19, 2012
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