Wowket is a Drupal Commerce marketplace where anyone can sell products and services in live streaming on the web. Besides traditional e-commerce features, wowket enables resellers to choose a number of products in their catalog and set-up a deal: a live session in which presenting the products in front of an audience that can interact via chat, asking questions, making comments if they were physically in the store. At the end of the deal, participants will have only two minutes to purchase a limited number of products at a special price.

Each live event is recorded and, a few seconds after the live is over, the video will appear on the page of each product sold in that deal, thus enhancing the appeal for those products and driving sales.

Currently we cover all product variations for the following categories: clothing, shoes, wine and spirits, skis and snowboards. We are adding more categories over time via an automatic hook_update_N function plus some manual configuration through the Web UI as long as we get more stores signing up.

Custom Pricing, Taxes, Checkout, or Shipping Rules
About 10 custom modules have been developed to provide specific features. The following ones relates specifically to e-commerce features:

wowket_store: adds multistore features to the platform, uses Organic Groups to manage visibility of store settings, commerce_products and other store-specific data

wowket_paypal: module wrapping a PayPal application that splits payments in real time between a reseller PayPal account and the Wowket PayPal account every time a user pays for an order. This was made following the commerce_paypal_wps approach.

wowket_deal: to perform add-to-cart actions via REST APIs when a purchase is made via the Flash/Flex interface.

wowket_product: to extend via hooks commerce_product_reference and commerce_backoffice_product

wowket_shipping: to allow each store to define its own shipping methods and prices

A number of rules have been defined to calculate shipping fees and discounts for products sold in a deal, in addition to the default ones.

Company / Freelancer
This project was developed by ARCHIbuzz Srl, an Italian company based in Torino.