Pam Kerr Designs

Pam Kerr is one of New Zealand's leading independent jewellery designers. Her
company - Pam Kerr Designs - had a Shopify site that served retail customers
well, but didn't meet their growing B2B needs. They chose Drupal Commerce for
its flexibility, power and customizable user interface.

Pam Kerr Designs are very supportive of their dealer network and like to work
collaboratively wherever they can. Having a retail only site was working
against them in two core ways - it appeared to retailers as if capturing the
B2C market was more of a focus than the dealer network and it excluded their
wholesale customers by not providing a full catalogue, relevant pricing and
the ability to order online.

Pam loved the design of her Shopify site and wanted to keep the new site as
close to it as possible. It was reimplimented in Drupal using the Bootstrap
base theme, giving us a great start on making the design responsive. It is
faithful to the original, and the re-implementation provided a chance to
tweak a few things we thought could work better and to widen the layout on
larger screens.

Launch was December 2014 and it has proven a great showcase for and driver
for B2B Christmas sales.

Custom Pricing, Taxes, Checkout, or Shipping Rules
Access to product ranges(collections) is through a combination of
Taxonomy-User reference and a Taxonomy field - not all wholesalers have
access to all product ranges (User-Taxonomy) and not all product ranges are
available to retail customers (field on the Collections taxonomy). Wholesale
access to products is through a User->Taxonomy Term<-Node relationship using
the Node Grants system, all variants of a product are either available to a
customer or none of them are, so it is controlled at node level rather than
variant level. Retail access to products is controlled via a boolean flag on
the Collection(s) the product belongs to, this is done permissively.

Pricing & taxation are controlled using Rules to make decisions based on
current-user roles and the availability of data in field. For example, a
wholesaler will see a wholesale price if one is available and a retail price
if no wholesale price has been set. Retail customers only ever see retail

Taxes in NZ are displayed differently in wholesale & retail settings. Retail
prices must include GST ( European style VAT ). Wholesale prices are
displayed without GST and GST is then added as a line item in the cart ( US
style sales tax ). This is handled through Rules based on user role.

Entity Construction Kit (eck) - used to create the Testimonial entities and
other entities on the site. Inline Entity Form is used to allow entering &
editing of the Testimonials.

The site has a Facebook Store ( ) created using
Views and Woobox. To avoid logged in wholesalers visiting the Facebook page
and being concerned when they see wholesale ranges & pricing rather than the
retail ranges & pricing that they expect this 'feed' only provides retail
products & prices.

Menu items change based on user access & role.

Company / Freelancer