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Creating Product Catalog

Past two days i stuck with creating catalog.

I have created SKUs with different attributes.My problem is in creating catalog.

I created a view with fields

Content: Title
(Product) Commerce Product: Add to Cart form (Add to Cart form)
(Product) Commerce Product: Price
Content: Nid (Nid)
(Product) Commerce Product: field_images (field_images) [this is my product image]

Content: Published (Yes)
Content: Type (= Product)
Content: Product:delta (= 0)

Now multiple images are coming for each product.How can i show unique image for product

Asked by: ajaichandran
on August 6, 2013


In the Image field under Multiple field settings > Display value(s) 1 starting from 0 (first item is 0) This will shows 1 image with the delta of 0 which is the first uploaded image in the image field.

- analog andy on October 28, 2013

1 Answer

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You might want to set the "Multiple Field Settings" to show only the first image in the field with multiple possibilities :D

multiple field settings

Josh Miller
Answer by: Josh Miller
Posted: Aug 7, 2013


Hi Joshmiller
Thank you for your reply.I did same thing .

- ajaichandran on August 8, 2013