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How to send specific details in a single email when order is first submitted

When I submit an order, how do I trigger an email that sends to the person who placed the order with details such as: line items (with quantities), Product Name, total amount, date order was placed?

After digging around and learning Commerce, I can see that part of the challenge is truly understanding the RULES module. After a LOT of time, I finally figured out how to use the EMAIL module (System>Send Mail) to send a mail to an approving manager (a field that lives in Cust Profile Mgr>Billing Details).

Also, which is best to use for this process, MESSAGE NOTIFY or SYSTEM > SEND MAIL (with MIME module)?

Any help much appreciated.
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Asked by: softwarescout
on August 4, 2013

2 Answers

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Alrighty then. two days and no activity. so I did figure out pretty easily how to get some info detail in an outgoing triggered email. One piece of info that I could NOT get to go out was the TOTAL amount calculated for the order. I did try to create a condition to bring it into scope but it evaluated to false. how would I setup a condition to make the order total work?

Answer by: softwarescout
Posted: Aug 6, 2013