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Shipping 12646 different items :) ...


Shipping to the world (one day i hope!)

Each shipping variant is a unique product

-shipping type
-weight kg (to reference entire cart weight)

12646 products is one super CSV file (and thats just the Earth ;!), any way I am sure it is no surprise that I just get a white screen!

I thought this would be good because it allows granular control of countries through views etc, I can just paste in UPS zone/price chart and the spreadsheet will update etc.

I was hoping this would be a solution which I could use on different sites etc.

Happy to provide csv file etc if you wish to duplicate!!!

Asked by: charlz
on July 23, 2013

1 Answer

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Rather than filter like products on the add to cart form... this would be pre back office i suppose... Create individual product variations and displays.

Then create a view of the products and filter them instead with views>filter.

The add to cart form just adds one filtered product and it works... like lightning!

TIme for a beer, Drupal Commerce rocks!

I am sure there is a video on how to calculate the total weight of cart and if I can hook this up we are a cookin.

Answer by: charlz
Posted: Jul 24, 2013