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How do I completely disable Cart and Checkout?

sorry a drupal newbie here, i want to use drupal commerce for all the features it has out of the box except, the commerce aspect of it, meaning i want cart and check out disabled and all payment options but i dont seem to see those options, tried modules and configuration the area was greyed out. My site will be more of a catalogue/showcase than a true ecommerce site, i want to show products, promos etc but i dont want people to buy on the site, they will have to come to the physical store, any hints on how to implement this? Please no harsh responses i noticed drupal.org has alot of angry and sarcastic people that choose to offend than give a polite response

Asked by: smigo
on July 18, 2013


Try turning off the permissions for create order and checkout. That might be sufficient to allow "window shopping" but not purchase.

- Intercomm SA on December 7, 2017

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Heh, no worries, I don't think I've seen a harsh response on here yet. : )

As for what you need, you really should just be able to disable the Cart and Checkout modules. Cart depends on Checkout, so you'd have to disable Checkout first and then Cart. You should then disable any installed payment method modules and then Payment UI and then Payment. You just have to do it in the reverse order of dependencies, because Drupal doesn't know how to disable a module and any module that depends on it by itself.

The one thing you'll lose doing this is product attributes, but if you don't need that functionality (i.e. product groups w/ different variations), then you'll be fine.

Ryan Szrama
Answer by: Ryan Szrama
Posted: Jul 19, 2013