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backend orders stock rule

I am using the latest drupal commerce kickstart with the module commerce stock.
When I place an order manual from the admin backend for a client who calls on the phone (yes some people still dont use the internet), I noticed that the stock for the items i placed manual remain the same amount and does not decrease in stock.
does anyone know how i can setup some kind of rule or maybe a better way that when i place manual backend orders the items will decrease in the stock once the payment goes through (not before).
also I know this doesn't happen often but it did a few times some people called up canceling the order due to various reasons of their own, so if we refund them and cancel their order, can the items stock increase back to what was canceled.
more so if they ordered 3 items of X item and they now want only 2 items, so i would manual go refund the difference and then manual update their order in the backend to show 2 instead of 3, can the stock automatically add back that one bottle that was just taken off of the order?

Thank you very much for your help

Asked by: ariban99
on July 3, 2013

1 Answer

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would it be safe to say that the general rule for decreasing the stock upon completing checkout, i can change that action to upon paying in full for the order (so both clients side and admin side once its paid in full the stock will decrease)? would this work?
and if yes, how can i revert that to in cases that we refund someone the stock should increase back? or if i refund only one item or a certain amount of on item by updating the cart, those items should be incerased back to stock.
thanks for any help

Answer by: ariban99
Posted: Jul 3, 2013