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reservation and reorder

Hello all,

I am scratching my head for couple of days now with the problem i am describing below, i decided to write it here incase someone can help me move towards right direction


Need to create a reservation system where there is start and end date.
The quantity of the product is 1 initially
Customer buys the product, quantity 0, unavailable ( could achieve with the commerce stock), so this is all fine till here.

Now, i need to do something like, when the product end date is approaching, an email has to be sent to the customer reminding that the product he has purchased is expiring. Also, customer needs to be able to reorder/reserve the same product before the end date. If he doesn't do the reservation before the end date, the product will simply be available for reservation again to other customers also.

Any hints?

Thanks in advance!

Asked by: ishworthapaliya
on June 27, 2013

2 Answers

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@farvik , Thanks for the answer, appreciate it but i think i can send the reminder emails using the rules alsi i guess, my main concern here is that i will be using stock control and since the product will already be reserved, client won't be able to checkout during the reorder.

Another concern is that, only the client who has reserved the product (basically who has the product right now) should be able to reserve/reorder it again before the end date of the product. Failing to do so until the end date will result for the product to be available for reservation for other clients also

hope i could explain the logic well :)


Answer by: ishworthapaliya
Posted: Jun 28, 2013