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How do I update order taxes after manually adding or editing an order?

I have set up various tax rules to accomodate all the different Canadian provinces, and they seem to work great for anybody proceeding through the checkout process.

However, I notice that after an order has been created (no longer a shopping cart), if I add a product to the order, taxes are not updated properly. Taxes seem to be removed for items I take off the order, but they are not added for any new products. (Often we facilitate order updates for customers, so this is a common case...)

If I understand this post correctly, it sounds like the taxed amount is stored as part of the "price field".

I've attempted to set up a rule that cycles over the line items of an order (when order updated/saved) and "Calculate taxes for a line item". I'm not sure why, but it doesn't seem to update anything.
Any suggestions?

Asked by: JemBijoux
on June 26, 2013


2 Answers

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I've run into a similar issue. The work around listed here:


led me to switch the order state to "Shopping Cart" and then back to my original state which triggers the event to recalculate the price.


Appears to do something similar, I'm out of time to test it today.

I'm interested in a better solution.

Answer by: jonhines
Posted: Dec 4, 2013