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Price lists


in a project the products' prices are taken from up to 40 price lists. The relationship between a customer and a product is as follows:

customer --- 1:1 --- price-list --- n:m --- product

As stated here: http://www.drupalcommerce.org/comment/327#comment-327 there is a possibility to get this done with rules. But I don't quite see how.

I was crunching my brain on this for a while and currently I think I might need to create a custom price-list entity that would build the bridge explained above.

Then I would need a rule plugin (action) that would pull the price from this entity.

Before going down that road I would like to reassure that I am not totally wrong on this. If there is another (easier) way I would be happy for any insight.

Thank you (...also for this awesome e-commerce product)

Asked by: l0calh0rst
on June 21, 2013


2 Answers

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I'm in the same boat. How did you end up solving it? Care to share? :)
I'd be happy to contribute if you would like to turn it into module.

Answer by: Andreas Radloff
Posted: May 19, 2014