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How ad I remove the ad push content type?

Is it provided by a module? If so, which one and can I remove it? Thanks!

Asked by: bohemier
on June 11, 2013


1 Answer

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Without more information, it's hard to be sure. Sounds like you're using Kickstart 2 and created a site based on the demo store. You will have to re-install on a non-demo store to get rid of a lot of the demo content types, etc.


Josh Miller
Answer by: Josh Miller
Posted: Jun 20, 2013


Thanks for replying Josh. Yes it was Kickstart 2 and I did install the demo store and build my site on top of that. So it's impossible for me now to start from scratch... I removed all adpush/blogpost contents that belonged to the demo store, unpublished the related modules (adpush and commerce kickstart blog) but I still have the content types and cannot remove them since they are provided by modules. Is there a way I can remove them?


- bohemier on July 19, 2013

Ok, it is possible to do this, but it's hairy.

According to https://drupal.org/node/1055460 there is a "workaround":

1) Disable feature that defines the content type (drush dis "feature_that_has_content_type_I_want_to_delete")
2) Disable Features module (drush dis feature)
3) Delete all product displays with content defined for that product type and all product variations
4) Navigate to your content types (admin/structure/types)
5) If the delete link is missing under operations, manually paste /admin/structure/types/manage/"content_type_I_want_to_delete"/delete and it should delete the content type.

That said, highly not recommended.


- Josh Miller on July 22, 2013