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Has anyone gotten Parallel Payments or Chained Payments working using any PayPal-related Commerce module?

Hi, I'm using the dev version of the Commerce PayPal Express Checkout module and I've run into a roadblock. I'm trying to set up my marketplace site so that third party sellers can sell to third party buyers, and I'd take a small percentage off the top, similar to ebay.

It seems like either parallel payments or chained payments are the only way to make this happen, but since I'm brand new to Drupal Commerce, I'm not sure where to begin. I've done a lot of research online and am coming up empty. Has anyone gotten parallel or chained payments to work through PayPal Express Checkout, or another PayPal module? I've looked into getting code from this site (https://www.paypal-labs.com/integrationwizard/adaptive/), but it's over my head. Any information on how to get started would be much appreciated, thank you.

Asked by: Drupguy1
on June 5, 2013


i'm desperately searching for a similar solution. i've tryed with joomla and virtuemart but nothing that works out-of-the-box. i spent the last 3 days trying to figure out how to make ubercart works with adaptive payements but it ended up in a nightmare... maybe i'm too noob because there's a module for ubercart that seems to work for others but not for me.

if there's someone who can make adaptive payements working with drupal commerce it'll be hugely appreciated. i'm ready to pay, also, but i'm jobless now and my budget it's near-zero for the moment... :(

- babalot on June 7, 2013

1 Answer