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Is this possible in Drupal Commerce

I am about to develop an e-commerce portal for a trophy store.

My customer wants the product should be configurable like the one below.


Is it possible and easily manageable to design this product display in DC?

I have used DC before to develop a normal online store.

I know we can do this by using product attributes. But, the combinations will be nearly 1000 for each product as each attribute has around 25 to 50 values.

I had a look on the Commerce Pricing Attributes module. But, it seems to have some limitations. I don't think, we can have unique image for each attribute and also combination and relation between attributes (ie, attributes are independent) are also not available in this module.

So, it would be great if anyone could throw some light on me.

Thanks in advance.

Asked by: m.lakshmisundar
on May 30, 2013

1 Answer

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Would require some work but I think that's possible.
Commerce pricing attributes has integration with rules so the options are endless.
A good idea could be to check the showcase section:


Allt hose sites were created using drupal commerce.
Maybe there is one site that does what you need and if you find it
you'll know that what you need is possible with drupal commerce.


Answer by: realskorpion
Posted: May 30, 2013