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How to get display node URL from RULES->After saving new commerce product


I'm trying to get the product display URL from RULES->After saving new commerce product. But all I can get is the edit URL, not the product display node URL. Anyone has experience on this?

Any help will be greatly appreciate.


Asked by: maxchock
on May 28, 2013


Can you please elaborate ? Maybe I can help

- Banzai on May 28, 2013

i'm building a rules to use Facebook AutoPost (drupal.org/project/fb_autopost) to share new product display link to facebook fans page. So I create a Rules to trigger on the event "After saving new commerce product". So, facebook autopost require few data which is

page URL

I want the page URL = product display URL, but I fail to find a right one.

Do you understand what i'm trying to tell? sorry for my bad English.

Thanks & regards,

- maxchock on May 28, 2013

1 Answer

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When you create a commerce product, it doesn't automatically create a product display for you by default, unless you have a rule component that creates the product display for that product. If you're using a rule component in your rule to create the product display for the new commerce product, that rule component can return the node URL.

Answer by: akosipax
Posted: May 29, 2013