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email notifications

Does anyone know why I'm getting the following error when the order confirmation mail is sent?
The mail is sent out to the client, but I get
a) error message on the checkout pane of the user that the mail could not be sent
b) in the dblog I see the following :
LOCATION http://..../nl/checkout/28/payment
REFERRER http://..../nl/checkout/28/review
MESSAGE Error sending e-mail (from ...@.. to commerce-order:mail).

I didn't mess with the email notification rule.
I did translate the message.

Can anyone help me?

Asked by: jasminedb
on May 14, 2013

1 Answer

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After searching for more than a day (I'm not that smart I guess), I found out why : the Bank Tranfer Module had created a rule. I disabled it, since I don't really need it, and my mailing works fine again.

Answer by: jasminedb
Posted: May 15, 2013