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Anonymous Cart not showing product name - just "View Product"


There was another discussion about this I see, but my problem seems slightly different, or at least I would like to see if anyone has a solution.

Everything is working fine in Kickstart 2.6 D7.22, but when an anonymous user adds to cart, the /cart just shows all products as "View Product" (not a link, btw, just the text). If they continue to /checkout everything is fine (I am allowing anonymous checkout, so they don't have to sign in).

If I am signed in as an admin, /cart shows me the fields SKU, Title, Status and then has the text there again "View Product" without a link.

How can /checkout see the Title, but /cart not? What can I do to get /cart to see it?

I tried a suggestion of adding variation names, but all my variations have names, so I can't use that suggestion...


-- Don

Asked by: donok
on May 12, 2013

1 Answer

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I can't seem to reproduce this behavior on my Kickstart install :( Is it possible another rule got enabled somewhere or that the access permissions on the cart view got changed so they don't work correctly for anonymous?

Answer by: DaveP
Posted: May 13, 2013


Thank you Dave for the suggestions - I rummaged through my rules and permissions and finally settled on my views - Why was the "Shopping cart summary" working for anon users and not the "Shopping cart form"? It ends up something is odd with my machine names for the line items.

I added Line Item Title again and the second time The Global Custom Text in my Views for Shopping cart form has these replacement values:

[line_item_title_1] == Commerce Line Item: Title
[commerce_display_path] == Commerce Line item: Display path
[line_item_title] == Commerce Line Item: Title
[commerce_product] == Commerce Line item: Product
[nothing] == Global: Custom text
%1 == Commerce Order: Order ID title
!1 == Commerce Order: Order ID input

when I changed it to display my added Line Item Title (line_item_title_1), it all worked fine. I still need to clean it up, 'cause the logged-in view is now duplicating, but at least people can see what's in their cart...

-- Don

- donok on May 16, 2013