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Can't set permissions, they don't stay checked


On the cart page, anonymous users don't have a button to finalize their order. They only have the button update cart. Admin users have both.
I wanted to give some permissions to Anonymous users such as 'access checkout' but the checkboxes are not saved. I mean I check them, then click Save, the page reloads and the boxes are unchecked... WTF ? :) Do I need to enable certain permissions before I can enable some others ? Or is it just my website that going crazy ?



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on April 5, 2013


Actually I can't modify any permission of any module... scary!
Disabling Commerce modules to see if Commerce is causing this or not...

- Nicolas Bouteille on April 5, 2013

Ok disabling all Commerce modules did not solve it I still can't modify any permission.
So the problem might not be related to Commerce. However, I am working on a test site that I just copied form the production site and the production site does not have this problem. The only thing I believe I have done since I downloaded the production site is install Commerce...

- Nicolas Bouteille on April 5, 2013

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Ok so the problem will happen to anybody who starts to have too many modules and too many roles. The permission page will have too many checkboxes so the POST max memory limit will be exceeded. So even though Commerce was not responsible it sure added a lot of checkboxes! :)

I did not find a way to increase this limit via my settings.php file however I managed to do it in my MAMP php.ini file setting max_input_vars = 2000 ; (default value is 1000).

Now I can go back to work.

Here are some useful links :






Posted: Apr 5, 2013