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User Profile as Product

I would like to use the user profile as the product.
I want to sell the skills of the users, I do not want the users to add product again after users' registration.
Anybody here can explain how to implement this? Thanks.

Asked by: hongqing
on March 30, 2013

2 Answers

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Have you ever figured this out? I'm looking to do the same thing.

Answer by: mbertrand
Posted: Aug 17, 2013
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I also have the exact issue and I have been trying many ways to get this done. I do not want to write any code because that would just be a cop out. I want the system to work for me. I know there is a way to insert a select list of user names into the product display creation form so that you can pick a user and then have Views insert the data fields from the user profile.

Answer by: beatdrop
Posted: Sep 23, 2013


OK I was able to get this working. I created a content type called " Band Profile" so that I did not have to use the Profile2 module to gather custom user data, which would be a few taxonomy term reference lists and location data. ( Profile2 is fine for some people, but it does not play nice with certain other modules, so for the sake of simplicity I killed it ) I used Location and Gmap so that I can map the locations of the bands on my site. It is working well, but does not work at all when using DisplaySuite in Drupal 7. I already have 120 modules installed and running so I disabled Display Suite as well.

Next I created a new content type which is a Product Display type called Productions to replace the stock Product Display. Within Productions is a field called Band Picker which is simply a "Node Reference" field ( you will need a module called Node Reference to do this , and you do not want to use the References modules which is old and not updated) that refers to all nodes of a certain type, in this case Band Profile and has a Drop Down type widget. When you look at the Productions creation form it now has a field in it called Band Picker which allows you to select the Band ( which is the product in reality ) and the data stored in Band Profile ( which is the node type that is being referenced is now inserted in to the Product Display called Productions and shows up in the product list. Sweet!!

The entire node of Band Profile appears in the Product Display and that only requires one field in the Product Display form. This includes an image, location data, title, 4 attributes that come from taxonomy, but are embedded into the Band Profile node using TERM REFERENCE fields.

OK I hope I was redundant enough so that you remember what I said.

I also use Field Tools , which allows you to clone fields from one content type to another, which can be really time saving if you have a lot of different product types. You can also gather fields from many other content types and combine them into a new type which is sort of like and aggregator of sorts.

- beatdrop on October 17, 2013

Hello, i'm noob in Drupal but have same task. if u have solution please help me, step by step.
i'm trying to repeat ur steps but have fail...

- Yaroslav Lasikov on June 4, 2014