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How can I add a third, fourth (or even more) AdPush blocks?


I want to display more than two AdPush blocks.

I have added the necessary regions to the omega_kickstart template but I can't find where those AdPush blocks are created.


Asked by: mrackham
on March 28, 2013

1 Answer

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I answered my own question a few minutes later by looking in the database and realising that they are simply views

If you had the same question as me:
go to Views
Edit the AdPush View
Duplicate the Block View as many times as required, changing the names/descriptions etc for each one
Go to Blocks and enable them in the region

ie. If you wanted to add an AdPush and display it where the Blog block goes on the right you would follow the above and then display it the Postscript Three region

Answer by: mrackham
Posted: Mar 28, 2013



Im fairly new to drupal commerce but I have setup an online store using CK2 without the demo store. I tried adding a third as push block as you described above but when I click 'clone second as push block', it seems to make the same content appear in the third block as the second. I have 3 different ad push blocks setup in the content section. Please advise.

- nilanthan on July 3, 2013

Hi any luck fixing this? I'm having the same issue and have tried editing everything I can think of.

- skinner on July 18, 2013

Is it safe to say this was never figured out? I am trying to do the same.

- rob.holbrook on October 16, 2013

Hai mrackham,

When we copy the number of block.. It is copying the total properties of the copied block..I think you understand what i'm going to explain you...I tried like that..When i placed Third or Fourth Adpush blocks in to the Postscript First or Second...The First Adpush block image also same as Third Adpush block..I want to differentiate Both of them ..

Is it possible like that...?

If it is possible, Please explain me clearly..I'm facing a big problem with that.. :(

Thank you,

- bodagalaramkumar on February 14, 2014

Go to Site settings->Visual & Layout -> Views. You will see the View for Ad push blocks. Click on Edit for this View. Clone the Second ad push block. Be sure to:

change the name to Third ad push block
set the Pager to 1 item, skip 2
save changes
Go to Site settings->Visual & Layout -> Blocks and add the Third ad push block to the Postscript Third Region and click Save blocks.

Reload your page and the block should be visible on the front page.

- Michelle Kady on June 16, 2014