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Multiple products in one product display using fields in views

So i have i view setup to display my products displays which are referenced to multiple products.Typically i have two product variations which is either a Vinyl or a CD edition of the product. I am using the inline entity form to administer my products and i have one set of attributes to chose from, which is Vinyl or CD. However, when i set up my views with fields the referenced product dropdown does not display the right attributes according to the selection. In other words, when i select the vinyl instead of the CD, the price, sku, format does not change.

It works fine if I set the view to display Content instead of fields.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Something i took notice of is that the referenced product field must not have any relation selected. If i select a relation (to the product), the view shows up empty. I have a feeling this is where it's gone wrong, i cannot seem to find the solution though. Hope someone can help.


Asked by: smash
on March 15, 2013

1 Answer

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Is there no one who uses multiple products with views and fields? Maybe I didn't express my problem properly?

Answer by: smash
Posted: Mar 25, 2013